Transport and Infrastructure Crossrail project delivers TFM to over 300 buildings

Crossrail is currently the largest construction project in Europe, and the biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken in the UK. The aim of the work is to improve travel across London by greatly reducing journey times, easing congestion and offering better connections.


Our Role in the Project

From the contract’s Liverpool Street base, our team, led by Patricia Mayor, deliver TFM services to all Crossrail premises and staff across the entire estate, which covers over 300 buildings.


Key Objectives

  • Deliver effecitive FM support across the client estate
  • Install appropriately experienced teams with the skills and experience to excel in a challenging environment
  • Create efficiencies and cost-savings using economies of scale and our strong procurement and supply chain
  • Maintain safe working environments for all Crossrail teams, Cofely staff and members of the public
  • Assist Crossrail in the planning and delivery of their projects


Fully Integrated Teams

Our teams are very much seen as ‘part of the family’ at Crossrail. They wear Crossrail uniform, carry Crossrail ID, and use Crossrail phones and IT equipment, making them a truly integrated aspect of the project. This approach, encouraged by us and adopted by our client, means that our staff blend seamlessly into the Crossrail working environment, whether they are working in public-facing areas such as construction sites, or in a corporate office building.


Successes and Developments

Having developed the contract since 2013, our team has won several industry awards for its efforts including the Public Sector Safety Award in 2014. Crossrail also recognised our hard work by awarding our team the Most Improved Subcontractor prize in 2015, and presented our contract manager, Patricia Mayor, with the Individual Crossrail Safety Award this year.

Our work is assessed by Crossrail every year, and is either given a Foundation, Commendation or Inspiration rating. Our recent performance demonstrates our continually improving service, and the growing confidence our client has in us:

  2012     2013     2014     2015
  Inspiration     Inspiration     Inspiration     Inspiration
  Commendation     Commendation     Commendation     Commendation
  Foundation     Foundation     Foundation     Foundation


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