Guide to Event Services

The Guide covers the definitions of the multitude of suppliers and spend areas involved, tips on how to work best in this area, what the remuneration options are and how important measurement and evaluation is at every stage of the buying process.

Information about Guide to Event Services

In the past Procurement’s role has been limited to the buying of tangible goods with little involvement and influence in the buying of business services. As it has a high potential for value generation for buying organisations, services are now also seen as an important area for Procurement to get involved.

A study of Fortune 1000 companies suggested that most companies spend between 30-70% of their spend on services with an opportunity to save 10-29% by undertaking strategic sourcing, versus an average of 5-17% for other commodities. Whilst cost management is important, the services categories also benefit from a review of service levels, improvement in quality levels, better requirements planning, reduction in administration and measurement.

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