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Crown Commercial Service (CCS)

Crown Commercial ServiceCCS - providing procurement and commercial expertise for the public sector

CCS is an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office and operates as a Trading Fund. Their role is to help the public sector achieve commercial benefits, including savings, when buying the goods and services widely used across the whole of the public sector. CCS also leads on developing and implementing the UK’s public sector procurement policy and delivering commercial policy priorities.

CCS negotiates deals for everyday goods and services - as one buyer - for the whole of the public sector. Their customers include NHS trusts, local authorities, government departments, police forces, emergency services, schools, colleges and charities across the UK.

The areas they work in span:

  • Technology: cloud and digital, network services, software and technology products and services
  • Corporate services: travel, fleet, office supplies, information and content management, communications and financial services
  • Buildings: facilities management, maintenance and repair, utilities and fuel
  • People: permanent and temporary staff (including clinical staff), outsourced services (such as language and employee services) and advisory services. 

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) have worked together with BuiltIntelligence to create and e-learning module which will help procurement professionals root out attempts to win contracts through anti-competitive conduct.

The module, which is intended to take no more than 40 minutes to complete, will help to gain an awareness of why bid-rigging is harmful, what kinds of activities and patterns of behaviour they should watch out for, what they can do to mitigate risks and where they can go to get help if they suspect a case.

Access the FREE Bid Rigging eLearning for Procurement Professionals

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