Proactis enables digital trade for all, by helping organisations around the world to control 100% of their spend. We work with our customers to transform their Source-to-Pay processes; to help them save money and create efficiency gains while increasing compliance and reducing risk.

From sourcing projects, contract management and procurement transactions to supplier collaboration and automated invoice processing, our integrated spend management solutions streamline and control all purchasing and spend.   

Proactis serves over 1,100 customers and 2 million suppliers. Our solutions are used daily by over 3 million people in 100+ countries.


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    Five Procurement Truths We've Learned Through the Pandemic:

    Peter Smith, MA FCIPS, FRSA

    The pandemic has brought huge changes to virtually every individual and organisation across the globe. In some cases, the impact and effects are probably short-term, but others will have more lasting impacts. Some will undoubtedly prove negative, but some will turn out to be positive too, particularly if you embrace new ways of thinking.

    With this in mind, we’d like to present - Five Procurement Truths We’ve Learnt Through The Pandemic - by Peter Smith so that you can learn:

    • The five "procurement truths" that you need to know about.
    • Insight into the effects that these "truths" will have on Procurement in the months and years to come.
    • Actionable takeaways that you can adopt into your day-to-day procurement initiatives.

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    Supplier Risk Management: Do You Really Have the Right Level of Visibility To Minimise Risk?

    In today's complex environment, the ability to mitigate risk has become a major factor in ensuring your organsiation's financial health and competitive performance.

    When it comes to the supply side of your operations, risk management clearly involves managing the risk of serious problems that could be caused by the actions or inactions of your suppliers. But the question is, do you truly understand the key elements of an effective supplier risk management system?

    Read our Supplier Risk Management white paper to learn:

    • How to proactively manage a diverse range of suppliers and risk.
    • The key elements of an effective supplier risk management system.
    • How to set the foundation of your supplier risk management process.

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    Next Generation Source-to-Contract: The Journey to Strategic Value Is Agile

    Your Source-to-Contract processes really can enable value across your business, from your supply chain to your wider business strategy! This paper showcases the four-stage journey to making your Procurement function a value creator, which is vital for future-proofing organisations. With this in mind, read our white paper to:

    • Learn how your S2C process can enable value across your business and wider supply chain.
    • Discover the importance of making Procurement a strategic business partner, rather than a cost saving department.

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    Case Study

    Hoyer Group Achieves Procurement Savings Through Its Source-to-Contract Processes With Proactis

    Hoyer Group, a global leader in providing specialist bulk logistics, was looking to transform its Source-to-Contract (S2C) process and achieve a transparent, compliant, and consistent approach to procurement across the organisation that would help generate tangible benefits.

    With the help of Proactis, the Group implemented a fully automated S2C (Sourcing, Supplier Management and Contract Management) solution to achieve its company and digital transformation goals. The results speak for themselves.

    • One point of reference for all sourcing project-related information, helping guarantee a high level of quality tender and supplier interaction.
    • Improved supplier relationships and performance, resulting in cost savings and better compliance.
    • Increased transparency and compliance through systematic and standardised sourcing templates – enabling better consistency across all procurement projects.
    • Easier tracking of approvals, decision making criteria and historic documents across its 6000 employees.
    • Streamlined projects, for example, the time spent on their equipment sourcing processes was reduced from many months (with many man-hours), to two weeks, with complete control from start to finish.

    Download the case study to learn more about Hoyer Groups' procurement transformation with Proactis.

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