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The Knowledge content has been mapped against relevant books, events and other key procurement topics to provide you with the knowledge you need:

    Topics and Skills

    A-Z Glossary of Terms


    CIPS Knowledge Partnerships

    CIPS/Hays Salary Guide

    Continuous Improvement

    Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
    Total Quality Management (TQM)
    Value Generation


    Developing and Managing Contracts
    Conflict Resolution
    Contract Management
    Cost Reduction
    Demand Management
    Intellectual Property (IP)
    Performance Analysis and Management
    Purchase Order Cycle / Process
    Setting KPIs
    Terms and Conditions and the
        Developing of Contracts

    External Environment
    Carbon Climate

    Game Theory
    Game Theory - TWS Partners

    Innovation for Procurement and Supply Chain
    CIPS Innovation Cycle

    Logistics Management

    Mitigating Supply Chain Risk 
    CIPS Risk and Resilience Assessment Tool 
    Cyber Security
    Diligent Procurement 
    Fraud and Transparency 
    Intellectual Property (IP) 
    Risk Analysis and Management 
    Supplier Assurance Questionnaire (SAQ) 

    Operations Management

    People and Skills
    Behavioural Procurement
    Career Development - Hays
    Change Management
    CIPS Global Standard for
        Procurement and Supply  
    Financial Analysis and Reporting
        for Purchasers
    Influencing Skills
    Leadership and Promotion of
        Procurement and Supply Management
    Marketing for Purchasers
    Project / Programme Management
    Soft Skills

    Procurement Organisation

    Carbon / Climate
    Future of the Profession
    Procurement Team
    The Future of Procurement and
        Supply Management 
    Procurement Systems and Technology
    3D Printing in the Supply Chain 
    Application of Technology 
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
    Cloud and Mobile Solutions 
    Coding and Classification 
    Digitalisation in Procurement and Supply 
    eSourcing / eProcurement systems P2P
    Industy 4.0 for Procurement 
    MRP / CRP

    Strategy and Policy
    Balanced Scorecard
    Business Case Development
    Business Continuity Management (BCM) /
        Business Continuity Planning (BCP)  
    Category Management
    Complex Procurement
    Cost Reduction
    Models (SC / sourcing / procurement / costs)
    Procurement Policy Development
    Procurement Strategy Development
    Setting KPIs
    Whole Life Costing

    Supplier / Bid / Tender Evaluation
    Supplier Evaluation and Appraisal
    Sourcing and Tendering

    Supplier Relationship Management 
    Collaborative Working
    Global Supply Chains 
    Lean and Agile 
    Models (SC / sourcing / procurement / cost) 
    Supplier Development 
    Supplier Co-ordination / Association 
    Supplier Positioning
    Supplier Relationship Management 

    Circular Procurement
    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    Diversity and Inclusion
    Ethics Test 
    Modern Slavery 
    Supplier Diversity
    Sustainable and Ethical Procurement

    Understand Need - Market and Options Assessment
    Cartels / Competition
    Commodity Specific Knowledge
    Data Analysis / Business Intelligence
    Indirect Category Report
    Market Analysis
    Market Development
    Market Intelligence 
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Outsourcing / Offshoring and Insourcing
    Specification Development

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