Member Knowledge Submission

Would you like to share Knowledge with the CIPS community?

At CIPS we value our members knowledge and specialist skill, our community is built on knowledge share and upskilling opportunities.

Each of our members are perfectly positioned to be the eyes, ears and voice within their sector to channel good content into CIPS:

CIPS Knowledge would like to reach out to our global contacts, for knowledge content in the following areas:

  • Best practice materials
  • Tools and templates
  • Changes in legislation
  • Sector challenges and potential solutions
  • New innovation and technology
  • Guidance and publications from industry leaders

If you would like to contribute Knowledge you can submit content at

    What is the benefit of Knowledge contribution?

    CIPS recognise our members as the Authors of new Knowledge content, there are benefits to Knowledge contribution:

    • Personal recognition and credibility of your submission to CIPS.
    • Personal recognition within your sector
    • Supporting procurement professionals in your area of speciality whilst offering an opportunity to give back knowledge enhancement.
    • The opportunity to reach the global CIPS membership with engaging insightful content.
    • Gain social following.

    Who can contribute to Knowledge?

    CIPS Knowledge team are keen to hear from all members at various stages of their procurement journey who would like to contribute knowledge, also from affiliate members who have a specialist skill or interest that sits outside of procurement, but is relevant to the profession.

    • FCIPS
    • MCIPS
    • Studying members
    • Non studying procurement professionals
    • Affiliate members

    We are looking for a diverse mix of knowledge content that will appeal to broad learning styles for procurement professionals at various stages in their career, so whether you operate at Tactical through to Advanced professional level, your knowledge is of interest to the CIPS membership community.

    What types of content can I submit?

    • Written content/white papers/academic papers
    • Video/talking heads
    • Verbal recordings (with or without slides)
    • E-Learning material
    • “How to” and Guidance notes
    • White papers
    • Video content
    • Info graphics
    • Top tips
    • Flowcharts
    • Infographics
    • Spreadsheet guidance tools
    • Case studies
    • Slides and presentations
    • Webinars
    • Tools and templates
    • News stories

    What we can't accept

    • Commercial content.
    • Sales literature.
    • Company recognition is not permitted, only the author.
    • Any offensive content.

    What happens next?

    If you would like to contribute Knowledge you can submit content at

    Your paper will be submitted to our knowledge team who will:

    • Review your submission
    • Edit the content if required.
    • Re-submit to you for your final approval
    • Request your sign off prior to publishing.

    Your content will be submitted onto the CIPS knowledge site and we shall update you with the link.

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