The primary focus of benchmarking is to measure and continuously improve an organisation’s processes, procedures and policies against that of best practice. By organisations rating their performance against others it can identify opportunities to create value, prioritise areas for improvement, compare performance against customer expectations and identify where change is necessary.


Effective benchmarking starts with an organisation setting a baseline, benchmarking its current performance levels internally in order to evaluate its performance relative to other organisations. Benchmarking externally can be split into three areas; competitive, industry and best-in-class.

CIPS Procurement Content

Benchmark Study

Benchmark your organisation 

Procurement is increasingly being seen as a strategic partner, and the results of this survey will enable you to influence your business strategy.  


CIPS in collaboration with WNS are running a benchmarking study. By fully completing this benchmarking survey you will:

  • Gain insights to inform Board and influence your business strategy
  • Benchmark your procurement team with other organisations
  • Receive a personalised functional procurement report
  • Receive a preliminary copy of the survey findings


The report you will receive will help you to examine your strategic business impact and give insight into:

  • How much strategic value procurement is adding within your organisation compared to others
  • The real story on which emerging technology trends are worth the hype and have actually  proven to be successful
  • Deeper insight into your teams maturity and where it ranks against other organisations in your sector and globally


Complete the survey to gain insights – Survey live until 28 May