Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase

This guidance aims to arm CIPS members with practical and effective contract terms.

Information about Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase

This standard set of terms and conditions of purchase sets out to achieve what CIPS standard forms usually have as their goal: to arm CIPS members with practical and effective contract terms which firmly protect the buyer’s interests without being unfair or unreasonable to the supplier.

They cover purchase of goods, services and legal rights, and are suitable for inclusion on the back of an order form, or for separate notification to suppliers, or for specific agreement with them in a format such as framework agreement or “preferred supplier” agreement.

They aim to cover all likely eventualities, for virtually any type of purchasing. The advantage of that is that they afford basic contractual protection across most kinds of purchasing and most eventualities. The disadvantage is that, like many such texts, they fit on the back of an A4 purchase order only at considerable cost in legibility.

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