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Collaborative Working Tools

Collaboration Tools

Collaborative procurement is a method by which companies can engage with each other to enhance the effectiveness and add value within the supply chain.


Collaboration is based around sharing needs, expertise, experience, resources, risk and overheads to promote cost reduction, added value and innovation.


By a procurement professional or their organisation forming a collaborative relationship or working on collaborative procurement the benefits can be vast. Through open communication and strong team work ideas can be increased, time to market reduced and the overall expenditure significantly reduced without compromising on quality .


The objectives and goals can be shared, the results jointly embraced and the risks and challenges distributed to ease the pressure on one party.


Collaborative procurement can also relate to gaining economies of scale through pooling requirements to obtain a lower cost. By using the combined buying power of several organisations, greater efficiencies can be achieved. Buying groups and co-operatives are champions of this form of collaborative procurement and in doing so obtain lower costs for their members and stakeholders.


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