Angela Qu

Chief Procurement Officer

Lufthansa Group


What’s the biggest challenge you have faced as a woman in business to date?

After studied Economics and International Trade from University, I was working for local government in China. At that time, working for government means a very stable life. One day I saw an English advertisement from Siemens at local newspaper, looking for people to build up one of the first joint ventures in China. That was early 90s, there was no internet to google who Siemens was, and Joint Ventures concept was very new to Chinese people. So, it was a big fight between me and parents, when I decided to quit my stable job, and go to work for an “unknown “ company. Although I had no clue who Siemens was, and if that joint venture would ever last long, I knew my motivation - I wanted to use English as working language and make use of the knowledge I learned in the university. Now looking back, I was proud that I listened to my own voices, and I did not settle for comfort. I was brave enough to go into a total new environment and willing to bear certain risks.

Who has inspired you (male or female)?

Many people inspired me in my personal and business life. I used to have a little notebook with me, and I wrote down those words/ sentences I heard from Radio, TV or discussions, and I looked it up for different situations.

What do you wish you’d known when you started out and/ or what advice would you give your younger self?

Be yourself. Be Brave. Go after things you truly believe in.

What are the character traits of successful women and/or what makes a great leader?

High Ambition of achieving business results; Empathy and People Caring; Strong communication skills; Flexibility; Willingness to have win-win solutions with business partners.

Do you have a favourite quote or statement that sums up your approach to life?

Stay curious - learn new things in life, no matter at what age you are. Stay positive - make the best out of the situation you are in. Be kind to people around you.

What do you #ChooseToChallenge?

BI choose to challenge myself – How I can develop women in my organizations, and help them to become strong leaders.

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