Lomakhosi W. Magagula

Senior Public Procurement Capacity Building Officer

Eswatini Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (ESPPRA)


What’s the biggest challenge you have faced as a woman in business to date?

I have seen some opportunities being given to male counterparts where I equally stood a chance to deliver and that gave me the zeal to develop myself academically and let my qualifications speak volumes about my abilities and the tune has changed.

Who has inspired you (male or female)?

My Mentor Mr. Tom Tagoe who is The Group Chairman at Harley Reed, who happened to be my CIPS lecturer. Tom boosted my confidence in the Procurement field and motivated me to become one of the very few women who are qualified in my country. He literally unleashed the drive to finish the CIPS course and to eventually do my Masters.

What do you wish you’d known when you started out and/ or what advice would you give your younger self?

When I reflect back, I feel like I should have known about the Procurement profession earlier. I tell myself every single day that I have a spot somewhere at the top in leadership, I can’t lose focus now but can only stick my eyes on the prize.

What are the character traits of successful women and/ or what do you think makes a good leader?

  • A successful woman is one who finds contentment in supporting other fellow women to succeed in their endeavors.
  • I deem a good leader as one who allows her subordinates to be innovative, to take initiative and supports them in any way possible.

Do you have a favourite quote or statement that sums up your approach to life?

I am Miss-Go-Grab-it! From now henceforth, I can only go higher not sideways and definitely not backwards!

What do you #ChooseToChallenge?

I dare women to take up the procurement space, if “he’’ can do it then ‘’she’’ can do it twice as much!!!

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