Supplier Diversity Tools

Supplier Diversity Tools

'Supplier diversity' (also known as 'inclusive procurement') is considered to be the proactive activity undertaken by contracting authorities to ensure that all relevant, potential suppliers have the fair and equal opportunity to complete for business within their supply chains. This can include micro, small and medium enterprises (broadly those with fewer than 10, fewer than 50 and fewer than 250 employees respectively), social enterprises, 'local' vendors (where 'local' is defined by the scope of the contract) and enterprises that are majority owned and controlled by minority groups including, but not limited to, ethnic minorities, immigrants, women, LGBTQ+ people, armed forces veterans and people with a disability (Professor Monder Ram OBE).


CIPS Tools

  1. This supplier diversity model demonstrates how suppliers from any background any location or with any belief or life choice can be easily slotted into a procurement organisation’s supply function.

  3. This supplier diversity & inclusion benefits diagram shows how, through working with  suppliers with diverse backgrounds, beliefs and cultures many benefits can be achieved. Benefits such as helping levelling up wealth across the globe and gaining vast market knowledge are positive aspects to be gained. From a more business-focused perspective, the speed of getting a product to market can be increased due to working with a wider range of suppliers. By embracing is  different views and cultures innovation may be increased which can contribute to getting products completed and on sale to the consumers faster than if an organisation focused on working solely with suppliers and individuals who all had the same background, education or opinions.  Aside from the speed, supplier diversity and inclusion creates the additional value of transparency and contributes towards a resilient supply chain. Teams working on procurement projects become truly cross-functional  when embracing supplier diversity. Teams may include supplier representation from across the globe all sharing one common goal. In order to achieve this when working in such a way, communication  has to be effective to allow each party to be able to share their views.


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