Why Work in Professional Procurement?

No one lies awake in bed thinking, ‘I wish I worked in procurement.’ ‘Why would I want to work there?’ they ask. No sex, glamour or money! One former CEO I worked with went further when he asked, “Isn’t procurement for people who find accounting too exciting?"

Information about Why Work in Professional Procurement?

The truth is that professional procurement is a smart place to be.  It’s the fastest growing profession in business [Procurement Professional, Issue 17, August 2007], offering a broad-based business education at the heart of an organisation. Procurement professionals today are dealing hands-on with many of the biggest issues in business and they are often the first in their organisation to deal with major change.

By definition, procurement people spend large sums of money.  Organisations tend to feel secure when that activity is close to the centre, so procurement teams are often located close to the action.  High spend has a high profile, so the bosses are often watching key procurement projects.  There are good opportunities to shine.

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