Marketing Services Procurement

Within business services marketing spend is one of the major areas with currently low purchasing involvement (Bals, 2008)

Information about Marketing Services Procurement

After raw materials, marketing is typically the second highest budget area (CIPS: Marketing effectiveness). Marketing spend is defined as "external expenditures on services related to marketing" (Bals, 2008). Marketing spend categories usually include printing services compatible to goods (letters, direct mailings, brochures, and posters), agency/creative services (graphics, campaigns, content, consulting, advertising/non-creative services (space providers, print magazines, TV/radio stations, web pages) and other non-creative services (questionnaires, document handling, sales promotions, media scanning) (Bals and Hartmann, 2008).

Buying marketing services is no longer confined to strategic decisions made by the marketing function (Bals and Hartmann, 2008; CIPS: Marketing effectiveness). Hence, the role of procurement in buying printing services, creative and non-creative marketing services has considerably increased in recent years (CIPS: Marketing effectiveness; Supply Management, 2010). Its value comes from the financial cost of marketing services and from a range of other factors, including quality, delivery times, innovation and creativity (Bals and Hartmann, 2008).

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