In any activity an organisation undertakes, whether strategic, operational or tactical, the activity can only be successful with the input, commitment and support of its key stakeholders. Gaining and maintaining the support and commitment of stakeholders requires a continuous process of engaging the right stakeholders at the right time and understanding and managing their expectations.

Further Reading and Tools

Maximising Influence & Impact: Influencing the C-Suite

The webinar highlights why influencing skills are so important for procurement with tips on how to present ideas more effectively to gain C-Suite engagement recognising the importance of storytelling. The discussion covers how to identify and understand your stakeholders needs and then pitching to them in the most effective way in order to gain their buy in. Listen to the recording


Maximising influence and impact: 10 sales lessons for procurement professionals

In this webinar you will hear 10 sell-side insights from two procurement professionals which, if applied, could magnify the influence and impact that you offer to your internal stakeholders, and simultaneously maximise your organisations credentials as a customer of choice.