Stakeholder Identification and Management Tools

Stakeholder tools

Stakeholders are any individual or organisation that has an interest in or can be affected by a project, product, service or venture.


In any activity an organisation undertakes, whether strategic, operational or tactical, the activity can only be successful with the input, commitment and support of its key stakeholders. Identifying stakeholders, then engaging, gaining and maintaining their support and commitment is a continuous process.


Stakeholders can be classified into three areas – internal, connected and external. This classification depends on their position in relation to the organisation or project.


The identification of stakeholders is important. Without correctly identifying stakeholders and ensuring their inclusion, problems could develop.


Once identified the individuals or organisations need to be classified, engaged and interacted with as well as being  managed appropriately to ensure the outcomes are as required.


Through positive engagement with stakeholders, project managers, procurement managers and purchasing staff will be able to improve the quality of the outcome. This is because stakeholders can provide important and often unknown information as well as support once communication takes place rather than putting obstacles in the way of progress.


If stakeholders are not identified and engaged with, this can present risks for the project outcome. Potentially if the correct stakeholders are not identified and managed effectively deadlines could be missed, budgets could present variances and ultimately and the worst possible scenario is that the project could fail.


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