The Future of Procurement & Supply Management

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  • How might the supply landscape change in the coming years?
  • What are the implications for Procurement and Supply Management experts?

These are questions that all leaders in our field should be actively considering, yet it is difficult to find the space and resource to do so given the everyday pressures we face.


“The Future of Procurement and Supply Management” paper offers a reflection of what the profession may look like fifteen years from now.


CIPS are pleased to have worked with Aston University and the University of Liverpool to undertake workshops with the CIPS community in order to bring the paper to our member community.


"The Future of Procurement and Supply Management" paper is presented to provoke discussion and focus areas for consideration by the profession to understand how your working environment could change and how best to prepare yourself and your team to future needs of the profession. 

The Future of Procurement & Supply Management

"The Future of Procurement and Supply Management" paper will provide pen pictures of two plausible future scenarios "Titans" and "Networked".  The scenarios are summarised and compared in a useful table.  The final section of the paper considers preparing for the future, and flags areas for Procuremetn and Supply Management professionals consideration.


As the paper carries a fifteen year projection, the paper has been designed for engagement at all career levels, as we consider who our leaders will be during these times of transition and how our future leaders can align themselves to best prepare.


CIPS will look to evidence and support development, through additional knowledge content relating to Industry 4.0 and both working examples and future papers to support changes to the profession.

Further Reading

To support "The Future of Procurement and Supply Management" paper, CIPS direct our members to additional areas of resource.