Purchasing Cards

Corporate procurement cards have been developed as a mechanism for streamlining the clerical processing of low value transactions.

Information about Purchasing Cards

Corporate procurement cards can substantially reduce the associated administrative costs and they free up buyers’ time to spend on more useful activities1”. As the definition above indicates, they are widely used, in the main for low value, low risk orders. There are, generally speaking, two types of usage: a) purchases from existing contracts; or b) ad hoc purchases.

A list of typical low-value items might be as follows:

  • Computer consumables and equipment
  • Stationery and printing
  • Safety equipment
  • Cleaning services and materials
  • Office furniture and related consumables
  • Training and seminars
  •  Catering supplies and services
  • Transport, travel and fares
  • Building services
  • Ad hoc printing requirements
  • Mechanical plant spares
  • Books and journals


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