Supply Chain Visibility (SCV)

Supply chain visibility is repeatedly identified as one of the key building-blocks on a road to a more efficient and competitive supply chain (Gattorna).

Information about Supply Chain Visibility (SCV)

Francis (2008) defines SCV as "the identity, location and status of entities transiting the supply chain, captured in timely messages about events, along with the planned and actual dates/times for these events". The entity refers to any object moving through the chain. It can be an item, stock-keeping unit (SKU), a form of packaging (e.g. cartons, packages, cases), an entire customer order, a form of encasement for the order (e.g. a pallet, tote, returnable plastic container), a shipment (a collection of orders with a common origin and destination), a loading asset, for example, a container, trailer, railcar or uniform load device (for an aircraft), or a vehicle, such as a truck, train, ship, aircraft (Francis, 2008).

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