Financial Risk

Supply chains face a number of financial risks and procurement need to manage the exposure and impact of these risks on the organisation. Some of the financial risk are, but not exclusive to foreign exchange risk, volatility risk, inflation risk, business risk, legal risk, reputational risk, operational risk and market risk. As with risk management in general, the financial risks to the organisations need to be identified, measured and strategies implemented to manage these risks to the organisation.


Financial Risk

On Demand Webinar: Learning from Carillion, Bracing for Brexit: Strategies to Minimise Impact of Supply Chain Crises in 2019 Rapid Ratings webinar on Learning from Carillion, Bracing for Brexit: Strategy to minimise impact of supply chain crisis in 2019

As 2018 comes to an end and we leave behind the major supply chain disruptions that came with it, risk managers are looking ahead to even more uncertainty in the New Year. With Brexit on the horizon, lessons from the mayhem that was Carillion's liquidation should be top of mind. In this webinar, we explore key strategies including prioritising supplier financial viability to avoid another systemic supply chain disruption and minimise potential implications of the uncertain times ahead.

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Managing Supply Risk: Are you prepared for a Black Swan Event?

Supply Chains are often one issue away from a major disruption in today’s volatile world, hence procurement teams who can quickly identify, diagnose and resolve supply chain issues and risks will be in the best position to weather the storms. In the whitepaper Rapid Ratings discuss the major risks and what risk mitigation strategies could be adopted during the souring process to manage and reduce the risk to the organisation.

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