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Supplier Information Management (SIM)


Organizations are realizing that in order to gain control of their supplier information management(SIM) and increase supplier data quality, they must turn to technology.  A dedicated SIM solution retrieves, organizes, and manages supplier information while maximizing supplier engagement and data quality across a global supplier base while at the same time, ensuring minimum risk and high efficiency.

The alternative to using an ERP for supplier information management lies in the implementation of a multi-mode, SIM platform. Lavante SIM simplifies the process into one single point of communication between buyers and suppliers, bringing full control of and visibility into supplier data while facilitating easier, automated supplier information collection. The results of using such a platform are reduced costs, lower risks, greater controls, more complete supplier data, and stronger supplier relationships.



White paper: Scorecarding

Enterprises of every size and across every corner of the globe are constantly searching for ways to measure and optimize supplier performance. To this end, many professionals in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) community are enjoying the continued development and delivery of supplier score carding tools. A supplier score card consolidates information from unrelated and disparate sources to create a uniform benchmark that all suppliers can be compared against.

Lavante Scorecard provides an in-depth assessment for every supplier across all business units and across all countries.

Download this whitepaper to find out if Score Carding would be useful in your organization.

White paper: 2016 Lavante Supplier Data Quality Review

Every year we perform global analysis on the accuracy of data in our client’s supplier records. This year the focus of our review was on the initial quality of basic contact data – prior to Lavante’s influence. Through this review we aimed to understand what is the resting state accuracy of a vendor file for a typical enterprise – before cleansing or scrubbing. We use this data for internal benchmarking and goal setting with clients. This year we thought it was a good idea to share the outcomes with a wider audience.

Download now to read the 2016 Lavante Supplier Data Quality Review.

White paper: Demystifying Supplier Portals

Today the term “Supplier Portal” is endemic and appears in the literature of almost every P2P, purchasing and accounts payable (AP) solution.

We look at the history of Supplier Portals, how they are changing to support your procurement needs in the future and how they can benefit current processes and help reduce costs in the procurement cycle.

Download the whitepaper



Webinar: Selecting the Right Supplier Portal for you Company

Are you planning to implement a supplier portal in 2017 or 2018?  In a 2016 Deloitte Global CPO Study, 70% of respondents said they wanted user engagement & experience through self-service supplier solutions. 70% – that is huge!

If you count yourself among the 7 out of 10 professionals planning to bring on new portal technology in the near future then there is a lot to consider: Are you looking for a new on-boarding solution, a better way to manage invoices or maybe you need new automated help-desk capabilities?  There are so many features and solutions to chose from and it is so important to adopt a proven industry best-practice for managing suppliers and transactions?

Regardless of your specific goals, there is much to know and much to learn about supplier portals.  Join our experts on this free webinar to better understand the supplier portal landscape while also learning tips and tricks for building an internal case to get started in 2017.

Download this webinar and find out what kind of supplier portal is right for you!

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Webinar: Using score cards to reduce supply chain risk

Ted LaBadie of Experian along with Joe Flynn and Josh Morrison of Lavante present this webinar to see how you can leverage a dynamic scorecard and make better buying decisions, reduce costs, lower risks, increase controls, and build stronger supplier relationships.

Enterprises of every size and across every corner of the globe are constantly searching for ways to measure and optimize supplier performance. Many companies aim to solve this matter through the creation of a supplier scorecard. A successful scorecard simplifies the assessment of potential and existing suppliers into one single dynamic table, bringing an in-depth assessment of all supplier performance against your business goals into view.

Download this webinar to find out how you can start using score cards to reduce supplier risk.

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About PRGX

About PRGX

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