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Cross-Functional Supply Management

Cross-functional supply management teams are able to speed products-to-market by reducing decision-making times (Cousins et al., 2008).

Information about Cross-Functional Supply Management

Cross-functional teams are usually used in sourcing, new product development, and commodity management (Leenders et al., 2002). In supply management such teams are used to achieve time-reduction targets, cross-boundary ownership of tasks and problems, innovation and synergy effects, better achievement of organisational goals and professional development of team members. Cross-functional buying teams are essentially teams of specialists from user departments and buyers who are put together to develop specific sourcing strategies and plans, which improvement efforts are focused on integration and harmonisation of the purchasing processes across different business units (Van Weele, 2010). Cross-functional efforts are characterised by team-based management and cross-functional buying teams. They may also include key suppliers who can be very helpful in solving joint problems (Van Weele, 2010).

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