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Global vs Local Sourcing

There appears to be an almost unstoppable march towards more and more global sourcing. If we perceive that everyone else is going global, shouldn’t we?

Information about Global vs Local Sourcing

Is global sourcing inevitable as the way forward for the successful 21st century organisation? Is local sourcing not the better option? This very topic was recently debated at a CIPS Fellows event in London where the case for Global Sourcing was put forward by Professor Richard Lamming (1) and the case for Local Sourcing by Professor Martin Christopher (2). This article is based on the arguments put forward by Lamming and Christopher, and comments from the CIPS Fellows attending the event.

The event commenced with the chair questioning whether the basis upon which the decisions taken approximately 10 years ago, that led to increased global sourcing are still relevant today. The question was raised whether the true costs of global sourcing are understood?

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