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Supply Chain Integration (SCI)

It used to be that a supply chain team would work only on their thing. Today these teams get together and learn from one another (Sal Calta, ISC vice president of worldwide manufacturing, IBM)

Information about Supply Chain Integration (SCI)

Traditionally, company supply chains were concerned with collaboration to resolve problems in the supply chain and overcome difficulties with supply and demand (Westbrooke, 2002). Today, integration of key business processes which incorporate a complete supply chain from end users to suppliers that add value by providing products, services and information for customers and other stakeholders, is essential in supply chain management (SCM) (Chan and Qi, 2003; Ballou et al., 2000). Sometimes activities throughout the useful life of the product (e.g. service, reverse logistics and recycling) are also treated as components of an integrated supply chain (Coleman and Austrian, 2000).

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