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Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)

One of the most recognised methods for integrating supply chains and measuring trading partner performance is use of the Supply Chain Operations Reference model (Wisner et al., 2008).

Information about Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)

The SCOR model was developed by the management consulting firm PRTM and was endorsed by the Supply-Chain Council (SCC) as the cross-industry standard supply chain management diagnostic tool. The tool can help companies understand, describe and evaluate supply chains within and between all parties and provide a generic framework for measuring supply chain performance and identifying areas for improvement (Allnoch, 1997). The model can be used worldwide regardless of industry or location and was designed to provide organisations with a common language to discuss supply-chain issues, develop benchmarking measurements and give direction to the development of supply chain management software (Saccomano, 1998). SCOR features an intentionally broad scope and definitions that can be adapted to the specific supply chain requirements of any industry or application (Husby, 2007).

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