CIPS: Construction Clients’ Policy

Investment in new construction or refurbishment represents a significant decision for any enterprise and should contribute to more effective business. In order to achieve this, clients increasingly need access to best practice in both briefing and purchasing and supply management skills. 

Information about CIPS: Construction Clients’ Policy

CIPS was invited to act as "Clients' Assessor" to the Latham Review. The CIPS' contribution, "Productivity and Costs in the Construction Industry", was based on contributions from over 100 clients. It recommended the establishment of a representative body for clients and first suggested the target of 30% value improvement included in the Latham Report. Although rejected as impossible at the time by much of the construction industry, this target became generally accepted and then, three years later was raised to 50% by Sir John Egan.

CIPS, jointly with the British Property Federation (BPF), funded the establishment and operation of the Construction Clients' Group (CCG) which was also supported by the Construction Industry Board (CIB). The CCF has recently been restructured and is now known as the Confederation of Construction Clients (CCC).

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