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Supplier Evaluation and Appraisal

Supplier evaluation is conducted at the tender stage and can be in the form of either a questionnaire, interview or site visit to assess the supplier’s capability in terms of capacity, financial stability, quality standards, performance and organisational structure and processes in place. Both existing and potential suppliers are scored on suitability and either approved or rejected to be added onto the approved supplier list (ASL). This helps to improve existing suppliers performance and also can periodically ensure you have the right sized and fit of suppliers on you approved list.

Tools and Templates

Carter’s 10 Cs of supplier appraisal

Carter’s 10 Cs of supplier appraisal is a widely used checklist during the sourcing process in order to appraise potential suppliers either pre or post contract award. Many procurement issues arise out of the selection of in appropriate suppliers. The application is designed to reduce the risk of selecting a sub optimal provider.

It can be used in conjunction with the risk impact grid and the kraljic matrix. The criteria to rank potential risk suppliers is influenced by the classification of the contract in terms or risk and value. The application will give an indication of the desirability of a particular provider and could contribute toward the final selection decision.