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The ethical decision: an executive guide to corporate social responsibility

Generating prosperity or “Responsible Prosperity” as I like to call it, has risen up the agenda of the vast majority of organisations in the developed world. It has become more commonly known as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) considers this to be the number one issue in its role in helping organisations to responsibly increase prosperity, which creates obvious current and future benefits to the public good.

This paper has been designed to provide guidance on how organisations can gain benefits from CSR as described above, as well as increase the value for money from their supply base. This book will enable organisations to identify environmental risks and offer a range of potential solutions to mitigate these risks. It will also help organisations to gain a far greater understanding of the potential impact of sourcing designs on society as a whole. This will enable them to increase their success in the responsible way that all organisations should operate. CIPS can further help organisations to gain the benefits described from a range of practice development and people development services. To do this we are participating in consultations with FTSE4Good, an “ethically approved” Stock Exchange list, and with the current OECD proposed amended guidance on Corporate Governance and other various initiatives at the European level.

Closer to home, CIPS is striking up relationships with other key stakeholders on CSR such as the Ethical Trading Initiative; alongside this there is ongoing meetings with Senior Policy Advisers within Government to aid in the sharing of good practice amongst the supply side of organisations. In addition we continue to transfer knowledge to our membership by routes such as events, guidance documents etc.

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