Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

Corporate social responsibility mandates usually revolve around the triple bottom line approach to organisational sustainability (CIPS: Balancing commercial and sustainability issues purpose).

Information about Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

Corporate leaders continue to face the challenge of running competitive and profitable organisations while meeting broad social and ethical responsibilities (Morimoto et al., 2005). These challenges are subsumed under the general banner of CSR which requires companies to integrate their social and environmental concerns in business operations and in interaction with stakeholders on a voluntary basis (European Commission, 2005).

TBL is embedded into a company's CSR and is closely related to the 3Ps. The first bottom line is the traditional measure of economic/corporate 'profitability' (profit and loss account). The second refers to the company’s 'people' account and measures the level of socially responsible behaviour in an organisation. The third is the company’s 'planet' account which measures the degree of a company's environmental responsibility in its current and previous practices (Hindle, 2008). 

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