Globalisation is a reality ...You can sit around and wish that something else was taking place or you can take advantage of globalisation, what we call ‘insourcing’ (Sam Jones, Mayor, Mobile, AL, USA)

Information about Insourcing

Very often the terms 'insourcing' and 'backsourcing' are used interchangeably: in practice many insourcing decisions and case evidence are actually cases of backsourcing rather than elaborate processes that lead to an insourcing decision. There is, however, a fine theoretical distinction between the two terms. Thus, backsourcing refers to bringing back inhouse certain activities that had previously been outsourced (Chadee and Raman, 2009), whereas insourcing is the decision to retain core competencies inhouse. In other words it is often a decision against outsourcing (Youngson and Cheung, 2007).

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