L5M7 Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Supply Chain (ELECTIVE) Study Guide - Text Book

L5M7 Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Supply Chain (ELECTIVE) Study Guide - Text Book


This is the hard copy text version of the study guide to support your studies for the elective module Achieving Competitive Advantage Through the Supply Chain which forms part of the CIPS Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply qualification.


The study guide follows the syllabus guide with a chapter dedicated to each of the learning outcomes.


This study guide is also available as an eBook. Additional eLearning is also available to support your studies.


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    ISBN: 9781861243027
    Edition: 1


    Glossary terms throughout so you can continue studying if you come across at term you’re not familiar with

    Remember prompts highlighting key points to help you pass

    Checks Checks, tests and exercises to check your understanding, help you link topic to your own environment or circumstances and and prepare you for the exam

    Regular recaps

    Case Studies Case studies providing real-world examples you can use in your exam
    Additional resources Links to additional resources including recommended reading material and links to CIPS Knowledge.


    On completion of this study guide you will:

    • Understand the dynamics of supply chains
    • Understand improvement methodologies that can be used in supply chains
    • Understand measures required to achieve competitive advantage in supply chains
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