Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour


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Huczynski and Buchanan bring their well-known and successful brand of critical thinking, social science underpinning, and visual appraisal to bear in this comprehensive introduction to organizational behaviour. A wide range of features enable you to understand the dynamics of human behaviour at work, and encourage regular reflection on the theory and context of contemporary organizational life.


    ISBN: 9781405840972
    Edition: 6th

    'Organizational behaviour' involves the reader directly, placing you in the position of a decision-making and problem-solving manager, inviting you to see the reality behind an organizational image, and encouraging you to make comparisons with well-known scenes in film and literature.

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    The following online resources support the text (use the following link to access the companion website):

    • For Students: premium companion website including self-assessment questions, glossary, revision “flashcards”, study guide, online audio summaries of key points, video case studies.
    • For Instructors: teaching manual, powerpoint slides, testbank.
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