Category Management in Purchasing

Category Management in Purchasing


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Category Management is a technique used to understand markets, analyse spending, and make purchasing decisions that save money. It can mean the difference between accepting mediocre goods and services at high cost and effective supply management which delivers real value. By altering how goods are categorised and supplied, it helps shift purchasing from being an error-prone transaction to lowering costs for the business.


    ISBN: 9780749472306
    Edition: 3rd Edition

    'Category management in purchasing' is the recommended reading book for 'Category management in procurement and supply' (AD4).

    The book provides case studies of real companies, including: IKEA, The Body Shop, NHS, Heinz, Cardiff Council, and GlaxoSmithKline.


    Chapter - 00: Introduction;
    Chapter - 01: Introducing Category Management;
    Chapter - 02: The principles of category management;
    Chapter - 03: Laying the groundwork for success;
    Chapter - 04: Stage 1- Initiation;
    Chapter - 05: Stage 2- Insight;
    Chapter - 06: Stage 3- Innovation;
    Chapter - 07: Stage 4- Implementation;
    Chapter - 08: Stage 5- Improvement;
    Chapter - 09: Making category management happen;
    Chapter - 10: What the future ho


    Chapter 1 Introducing category management

    Chapter 2 The principles of category management

    Chapter 3 Laying the groundwork for success

    Chapter 4 Stage 1 - Initiation

    Chapter 5 Stage 2 - Insight

    Chapter 6 Stage 3 - Innovation

    Chapter 7 Stage 4 - Implementation

    Chapter 8 Stage 5 - Improvement

    Chapter 9 Making category management happen

    Chapter 10 What the future holds


    Jonathan O'Brien is a Director and co-owner of the international purchasing consultancy and training provider; Positive Purchasing Ltd. With over 20 years experience working in purchasing, he has worked all over the world to help global organizations increase their purchasing capability through training, education and working directly with practitioners and executive teams to drive in the adoption of category management and other strategic purchasing methodologies.

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