Smith & Keenan's Company Law

Smith & Keenan's Company Law


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Smith and Keenan’s Company Law provides a readable yet detailed account of the law of corporations and a reputation you can trust.


    ISBN: 9781447923107
    Edition: 16th Edition

    This book is one of five recommended reading titles for 'Supply chain diligence' (PD4).

    The sixteenth edition continues to explore the impact of the Companies Act 2006 and emerging case law, in light of the major changes in corporate thinking which it represents, and the exciting and challenging implications for practitioners, academics and students alike.

    This new edition also includes:

    • New chapters with extended discussion of the corporate form and other business formats such as limited liability partnerships
    • Coverage of recent case law such as Chandler v Cape Plc [2012], Stainer v Lee [2010], Hughes v Weiss [2012] and Harbourne Road Nominees Ltd v Karvaski [2011], as well as the Limited Liability Partnerships Regulations (Application of Companies Act 2006) Regulations 2009 (SI 2009/1804) 
    • Examination of the new Model Articles that accompany the 2006 Act and the shift away from the 'one size fits all' mentality to a 'think small first' approach, with continuing analysis of Table A as the template for corporate constitutions
    • Increased selection of timely and relevant academic articles in each chapter


    1. The nature of a company
    2. The corporate veil
    3. Companies and partnerships compared
    4. Promotion and incorporation
    5. The constitution of the company – the memorandum of association  
    6. The constitution of the company – the articles of association  
    7. The constitution of the company – altering the articles  
    8. The company and its contracts  
    9. The capital of a company   
    10. Capital maintenance – generally
    11. Capital maintenance – company distributions
    12. Company flotations  
    13. Shares – generally   
    14. Shares – transfer and transmission   
    15. Shares – payment for and insider dealing   
    16. Membership – capacity, registration, director and substantial holdings, annual return
    17. The statutory derivative action
    18. The protection of minorities  
    19. Directors and management – generally 
    20. Financial arrangements with, and fair dealing by, directors
    21. The duties of directors
    22. Vacation of office, disqualification and personal liability
    23. Meetings and resolutions   
    24. Debentures and charges   
    25. Accounts and audit  
    26. Amalgamations, reconstructions and takeovers
    27. Corporate insolvency – company rescue
    28. Corporate insolvency – procedures other than rescue   
    29. Corporate insolvency – winding-up in context  
    30. Answers to test your knowledge questions
    31. Appendix 1 – Companies (Model Articles) Regulations 2008, SI 2008/3229  
    32. Appendix 2 - Companies (Tables A to F) Regulations 1985 (SI 1985/805) as amended by SI 2007/2541 and SI 2007/2826
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