Strategic Supply Chain Management - Principles, Theories, Practices

Strategic Supply Chain Management - Principles, Theories, Practices


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Drawing on international research this text blends established theory and current practice to provide a comprehensive strategic coverage of this wide and constantly developing area.


    ISBN: 9780273651000
    Edition: 1st Edition

    This book is the recommended reading for 'Strategic supply chain management' (PD3) and one of five recommended reading titles for 'Supply chain diligence' (PD4).


    Part One: The Fundamentals of Supply

    • The Supply Challenge
    • The Evolution of Purchasing and Supply Management
    • The Make or Buy Decision: A Theoretical Perspective
    • Sourcing Strategies and Supply Chain Configurations
    • Strategic Supplier Selection
    • Supplier Development

    Part Two: Developing Supply Strategy

    • Supply Strategy: The Development of the Supply Wheel
    • Aligning Supply with Corporate Strategy
    • Competency and Skills Development for Strategic Supply
    • Organisational Structures for Supply Management
    • Performance Measurement
    • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Managing Interfirm Relationships

    Part Three: Strategic Issues in Supply Chain Management

    • Environmental and Ethical Issues in Supply Management
    • Involving Suppliers in New Project Development
    • Public and Regulated Supply Management
    • Electronic Supply
    • The Relevance of Commodities
    • Services Procurement

    Part Four: Future Decisions

    • The Future - A Trajectory for Supply Management
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