The Relationship Driven Supply Chain

The Relationship Driven Supply Chain

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Collaboration in supply chains means managing the chain beyond traditional or transactional methods. It involves rethinking the way your business is managed, both internally and externally, and the ways in which employees and partners relate to each other. 


    ISBN: 9780566086847

    Stuart Emmett and Barry Crocker`s book explains how a relationship-based approach to supply chain management can transform business; how to organise your business internally for effective supply chain relationships and how to transform your external supply chain using relationship marketing, customer relationship management and supply chain partnerships. 

    One of the key distinguishing characteristics of a high performing supply chain is the presence of strategic trust. With strategic trust, the parties have access to each other`s strategic plans; relevant cost information and forecasts are shared; risks and rewards are addressed openly. This book explains how to embed a culture of inter-company trust and to realise the benefits of improved supply chain relationships.


    Part I: The Supply Chain Reviewed

    The supply chain 
    Supply chain history 
    Supply chain growth 
    Benefits of supply chain management 
    Five key aspects for supply chain management 
    Approaches to supply chain management 
    Supply chain management changes traditional ways 
    Supply or demand led supply chain 
    Transactional or collaborative supply chain 
    Contrasts between Type I and Type II supply chains 
    Supply chain operations 
    Problems in integrating supply chains 
    Supply chain strategy 
    Supply chain planning 
    Supply chain key performance indicators 
    Supply chain metrics and strategies 
    Supportive supply chain management approaches

    Part II: People Relationships at Work

    People relationships are important 
    Understanding individuals 
    Individual management styles 
    Team relationships 
    Building people relationships 
    Work/company culture

    Part III: Supply Chain Relationships in Business

    Percy and Charlie 
    Internal structures and relationships 
    Supplier appraisal vendor rating; Corporate social responsibility 
    Supplier audits 
    Structuring for supply chain management 
    Inter-company relationships 
    Supply chain re-thinking 
    Think "right" 
    Attitude change and relationships 
    Strategy changes 
    Operating changes 
    Sustaining strategic supplier collaboration 
    Dynamic requirements for building supply chain relationships 
    Benefits of better relationships

    Part IV: Changing and Improving Supply Chain Relationships

    Maintaining collaborative buyer-supplier relationships 
    Stages in developing a collaborative relationship 
    Relationships and trust 
    Strategic trust in supply chain collaboration 
    Changing organisational behaviour 
    Improving supplier relationships: implementation difficulties 
    Levels of communication 
    Collaboration: pitfalls and success 
    Keys factors for establishing successful collaborative relationships 
    Managing change 
    Peoples` behaviour during change 
    The relationship driven supply chain 
    Model for developing supply chain relationships 


    Stuart Emmett is a freelance trainer and consultant specialising in management, the supply chain and people development. Stuart is author of many articles on supply chain along with books such as: Supply Chain in 90 Minutes (Management Books), The Discipline Pocketbook (Management Pocketbooks), Excellence in Warehouse Management (Wiley) and a variety of qualification documents including International Physical Distribution, Purchasing, International Logistics, Stores and Distribution, and The Supply Chain for CIPS and CILT qualifications. 

    Barry Crocker is a full time Lecturer and Msc Programme Leader at the University of Salford, specialising in materials management, purchasing, operations, distribution, supply chain and e-commerce. Barry is author of a range of distance and e-learning materials on supply chain topics.

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