Ethical Procurement and Supply eLearning and Test Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIPS Ethical Procurement and Supply e-Learning and on-line Test?

It is an online multiple-choice assessment supported by several pieces of interactive e-Learning. Successful completion of the 3 short assessments enables you to demonstrate your absolute commitment to, and understanding of, acting ethically on behalf of your organisation.

What are the minimum requirements to access the course?

You will need a computer or tablet with access to the internet. The course contains audio so headphones/speakers are recommended although closed captions and transcripts are available. Most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge) are supported but you should ensure that you have enabled JavaScript in your browser settings before launching the course.

Do I have to complete all of the e-learning to get my certificate?

No, this is something that we've changed. The e-learning is not a compulsory part of the overall assessment. We strongly recommend that you make the most of the freely available resources before you take the test.

What’s the pass-mark?

The assessment comprises three separate sections which each carry a pass mark of 70%. In order to get your certificate you must pass all three sections.

What happens if I don’t pass the assessment first time?

Don’t worry you can have up to five attempts. You will be directed to the relevant e-Learning for any sections of the assessment that you did not pass. You will not be able to take the assessment again until you have completed this e-Learning.

What if I don’t pass after five attempts?

If you have taken sufficient time to complete the relevant e-Learning, this is unlikely. However, in the event that you do not pass after five attempts, please contact Customer Services on +44 (0)845 880 1188 or via email and they will arrange for your progress to be reset.

Do I have to complete the e-Learning in one sitting?

You can leave the e-Learning at any time and resume from where you left off by selecting yes when you see the dialog box “Would you like to resume where you left off?”

How long do I have to complete the assessment?

The assessment is timed, and each section has a maximum time limit of 20 minutes. You are strongly advised to complete the assessment in one sitting as the timer does not pause. If you leave the assessment partway through you will need to start that section again. You may however complete each section in parts provided you do not leave before completing the final question.

How do I access my certificate?

Once you have completed the test, you can access and print your certificate by accessing CIPS Learning Academy. Once logged in you'll see a tab on the left hand side called "Certificates" select this and you'll see your certificate listed, where you can view and download.

I’ve logged in to access my certificate and it’s not available – why not?

It can take up to one hour from completing the test for the certificate to be ready for download.

How long is my certificate valid for?

Your certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of completion.

How do I renew my certificate?

When your certificate is due for a renewal, we will send you an email reminder. Members can re-register to take the assessment again by clicking the link in the MyCIPS area of the website. Non-members will need to complete the registration form again and pay the appropriate fee.

Why has the Ethics Test changed?

CIPS recently updated the Global Standard for Procurement and Supply which includes new content relating to Ethics. As well as modernising the approach the update ensures CIPS Ethics e-Learning and Test continues to be the most relevant and up-to-date.

The new Ethics Test and eLearning are now available.

For those who registered to take the test before 1 Sept 2020, but have still not completed it, you have until 31st October 2020 to complete.

What is the cost of taking the Ethics Test?

It continues to be free for CIPS members and £50 +VAT for non-members.

Prove your commitment to ethical procurement and take the test

Refresh your knowledge and keep abreast of recent changes to techniques, tools and legislation in ethical procurement and supply.

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