FAQ: Diploma Revision (Level 4)

Can I download and print the Diploma Revision eBooks?

The content in this ebook can only be viewed online and isn’t available in a printable format.

I’ve just bought a Diploma Revision Ebook and I haven’t received my login and password?

We are very sorry to hear that. Please allow 2-3 working days to receive your email with login and password details. You can also check your Junk Mail folder in case your mail server has routed our emails there.

Can I access it on offline?

Yes, you can use your ebook offline although you will need some internet access on your device of choice during setup, full details will be provided in the email we send you.

Access is available on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android), as well as via internet browser.

If I buy the Diploma Revision do I still need to buy the Study Guides and eLearning to pass the exams?

We strongly recommend that you use additional learning resources to study the syllabus for each of CIPS qualifications

CIPS sells study guides, also available as an eBook, along with eLearning to help you to learn and understand the syllabus.  The Diploma revision ebook accompanies these all of the resources in the total study toolkit  and shouldn’t be used by itself.

I’ve failed some Diploma modules already will this Revision eBook help me get a pass?

Sorry to hear that you’ve not passed all your Level 4 Diploma exams. 

We have created this eBook to support your learning and will prompt your memory of key examinable topics. 

I cannot access this eBook, I’ve tried on different devices can I have a refund?

Contact ersources@cips.org if you have any difficulties

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