Coronavirus (Covid-19) and CIPS Exams

CIPS exams update - working together through the Coronavirus pandemic

Last updated: 29 July 2020

Exams information is regularly updated, please keep checking this website for the latest information.

We are continually monitoring the evolving Coronavirus situation and are also in contact with exam centres and education partners around the world to ensure the safe delivery of CIPS exams.

We will inform by email all students whose exams have been impacted due to Coronavirus.

For the most up-to-date information on your exams, please check your MyCIPS.


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  3. Calculated Results
  4. FAQs

 CIPS Exams

For many, CIPS exams will continue running as scheduled, six times per year. The CIPS teams are working hard to ensure as many students as possible can take their exams as planned.

If there are changes that affect your country or exam centre that impacts on the ability to safely deliver exams, we will inform you directly via email as quickly as possible and update this webpage.

Please ensure your email and mobile phone contact details are up to date in your My CIPS profile.

  • We will contact you by email if there are any changes that affect your booked exams.
  • If you are registered with a CIPS approved study centre, please also contact your study centre.
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled exam due to illness you will need to contact CIPS Helpdesk +44 (0)845 880 1188 or email within 14 days of your exam date and follow our standard Terms and Conditions for exams.

Our main priority is your health and safety

All exam centres have been directed to follow the advice issued by the government in that country for non-clinical environments.

CIPS exam centres will ensure the social distancing guidance is observed, so students will not be sitting too close together.

Please play your part in ensuring that these arrangements are maintained, before, during and after each exam.

This may mean it may take more time to access and leave the exam room, please consider this in your travelling time to your exam venue.

We thank you for your patience and support.

For more infomation please download CIPS Exam Centre Guidance.

What extra steps can students take in the exams during the pandemic?

  • You will be able to take hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes into the exam - all labels must be removed from the hand sanitiser. The bottle needs to be a clear one.
  • You may wear a face mask ensure there is no writing on the facemask. Facecovering at exams is mandatory in the UK from 24 July onwards. 
  • You will be asked to show your full face to verify your identity if this cannot be established by other means. 
  • If you have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, or if you have a fever or a cough please do not go the venue to attempt the exam. 
  • CIPS exam centres retain the right to turn candidates away if they are unwell to protect all other students and centre staff.
  • If you feel unwell during your exam, please speak to your invigilator. See the exam booking Terms and Conditions if you are unable to attend an exam due to illness.

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 Voucher codes for July deferred exams

From Monday 3 August 2020 students can re-book their deferred July exams.

During a 1 week priority booking period for the November exam series, students can use their online voucher to book early and get preferred venues, timeslots and dates before online exam bookings are publicised to all students.

A unique deferred exam voucher code will be in My CIPS from 1 August to re-book exams at no extra cost.

Student registered with a CIPS approved study centre and have deferred July exams, please talk to them now to confirm next steps.

What is the deferred exam voucher code for?
The voucher covers the full value of deferred exam(s) from July, and we recommend  students re-book the same module(s) at the same venue.

Full instructions about how to apply the voucher code will be available in My CIPS from 1 August.

View terms of use for your deferred exams voucher.

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 Calculated Results

Calculated Results will be released on 21 August and will be available in My CIPS.

What are Calculated Results?
Due to the Coronavirus being classed as an extraordinary event, our qualification’s regulator Ofqual, produced an Extraordinary Regulatory Framework.

For a short period of time qualification Awarding Bodies, like CIPS can award what is called a Calculated Result for eligible students.

In July we introduced this new award methodology which allows CIPS to award an exam outcome for some eligible students in countries that closed for exams.

Exams are eligible for Calculated Results if they meet ALL of the below criteria:

  • in countries where the full exam series in July 2020 was totally cancelled due to the Coronavirus impact
  • Objective Response (OR) exams at the same level of the qualification 
  • the student taking the exam must have already completed a minimum of two OR exams previously, at the same level of qualification

Constructed Response (CR) exams are not eligible.

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 FAQs for July 2020 exam changes and Calculated Results

Unique vouchers codes for deferred exams are available in MyCIPS from 1 August and can be used online only to rebook deferred July exams.

Do take advantage of a short priority online booking period for November exams – start date 3 August.

This way you can secure your preferred time, date and venue.

Online exam bookings will be available for all students from 10 August to 23 September.

Exam vouchers can only be used to pay for deferred exams.

We strongly recommend using the exam voucher to book the same modules in the November series at the same exam venue and in one transaction.

If you cannot sit all of your deferred exams in November the exam voucher code will remain on your MyCIPS account until the full voucher balance is used or expires.

Deferred exam vouchers expire 19 March 2021.

We recommend the exam voucher in used in full in one transaction.

The full voucher value will remain visible in MyCIPS until the balance has been used or expires. 

If you cannot sit all of your deferred exams in November the exam voucher code will remain on your MyCIPS account until the full voucher balance is used or expires.

You can check your balance when you apply the code in the shopping cart.

CIPS has made a commitment to provide all students, whose exams have been impacted by Coronavirus, with the opportunity to take a deferred exam in the November 2020 series at no extra cost.

If your membership renewal is coming up, CIPS will extend your membership at no cost until 30 November 2020 to give you time to complete outstanding deferred exams.

If you choose to book your exams in 2021 you will be required to renew your membership to use your voucher and rebook your deferred July exams.

Yes, you can pay for additional items and use your exam voucher code in the same transaction.

You can pay the balance by credit/debit card or Paypal in the normal way and choose any of the available currencies.

We strongly recommend that you use your exam voucher code in November to book the same modules deferred from July.

If due to personal circumstances you cannot, your exam voucher will remain in your MyCIPS account and expires 19 March 2021.

As we all understand and appreciate, the impact of the pandemic is ongoing and there are still unknowns.

CIPS is continuing to track and follow government guidance that may impact our exams delivery due to Coronavirus.

We are planning for, and hope, that the future exam series will go ahead as per the current schedule in most countries.

Our priority is the safety of our students, staff and exam partners. Any change in the guidance that may impact our ability to deliver exams safely and to schedule will be communicated clearly and quickly, together with next steps.

The exam voucher code is to rebook deferred July exams in the November series at no cost.

They will be available only for students who had cancelled exams in July and received a communication from CIPS to confirm that their exams have been deferred to November.

Other students that wish to book an exam in November can do so from 10 August up to the published exam booking closure date.

It is important that your email contact details are up to date in your MyCIPS account so our communications reach you.

You do not need to take any further other action at this stage.

You will receive your personalised email with your next steps clearly defined.

We understand that this is a new and unknown process, and you will have lots of questions so ask that you read through the FAQs.

We ask that you please do not contact the CIPS customer service teams - our team will not have further information for you or able to take any actions on your behalf.

Just over a year ago CIPS completed a redesign of its whole qualifications structure and as part of that moved the majority of our exams from paper based to computer based.

We still run paper based exams in some countries.

This is an infrastructure issue and one we absolutely want to address.

We currently run exams in over 120 different countries and to ensure everyone has the same experience we would need to robustly test the ability to run exams with remote invigilation in all regions – i.e. bandwidth, availability of technology, etc.

We also must ensure that any Remote Invigilation solution adheres to the requirements of our education regulators.

This is something we are working towards but unfortunately have not been able to introduce it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are working with all our students to help them keep their learning journey moving forwards.

When will you have remote invigilation?
This is part of our future strategy and we are hoping to run a pilot before the end of the year.

We have increased capacity at all our exams to accommodate everyone whose exams have been deferred in 2020.

CIPS has introduced Calculated Results for eligible students to deliver the exam outcome for your booked exam.

Furthermore, for those not eligible for Calculated Results, CIPS will defer exams to a future date at no extra costs to help our students to maintain their learning journey.

As such, refunds are available only in exceptional circumstances.

In these cases, please forward your refund request via email to

To allow us to process quickly please be sure to include:

  • ‘Exam fee refund’ in the subject line
  • your membership ID
  • the rationale for the refund
  • full details of your exam booking 

Due to the impact of Coronavirus on our membership we are experiencing high customer contact at this time as you can appreciate.

Whilst we will try and process all requests quickly, please note it may take up to eight weeks for your refund to be completed.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Please follow your national government guidelines.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we may share members’ or customers’ contact details with the relevant national government department if and when requested.

For example, where someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 has attended a CIPS physical event (such as an exam, conference or meeting), or if the premises where the event was held have been identified by a national government agency as the location of a potential local outbreak of COVID-19.

Sharing the personal data with government agencies is in line with current legislation and is in the ‘public interest’ lawful basis for processing.

CIPS will not retain this information any longer than is necessary to support any governmental track and trace scheme.


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The whole CIPS team and community appreciates your understanding on the impact of the pandemic is having across the global education sector, and wishes each and every student the very best of luck with your learning journey. We will continue to support and update you regularly.

See CIPS approach to our students’ learning journey and exams - Visit Page

Stay safe.

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