Team Dynamics and Change (L3M4)

Module purpose
On completion of this module, learners will be able to identify the influence that peopleand teams can have on procurement and supply success and recognise the challengesassociated with and methods to achieve, organisational change.

Module aim(s)
Individuals with responsibility for procurement and supply activity are to operate in arange of environments and within a correspondingly broad variety of teams. The influence of the individual and that of the team on overall organisational success should not be underestimated. Those who work in organisations will, more often than not be expected to cope with change be it small or large, and must therefore understand the triggers that lead to change, the associated responses and methods to ensure and maintain lasting change. This module is designed for those who are involved in the procurement and supply function,who must recognise the wider environment in which they work and the impacts that different types of individuals and team dynamics have to play on organisational success. They must also identify with need for and responses to change, and recognise the copingmechanisms which ensure and maintain change.

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    Learning outcomes

    1.0  Know how the individual can support overall organisational success in procurement and supply 

    1.1  Identify the personal attributes required to support overall organisational success 

    • Personal knowledge
    • Personal values
    • Self-development and awareness
    • An understanding of the procurement and supply process
    • Further the aims of the procurement and supply profession

    1.2  Describe the roles of staff with devolved responsibilities for procurement and supply 

    • Advise other members of staff that have responsibilities for procurement and supply activities
    • Ensure compliance with organisational procedures and processes
    • Work towards achieving value for money outcomes in procuring goods and/or services

    1.3  Explain the importance of liaising with internal customers and other stakeholders 

    • Serve internal stakeholders efficiently and effectively to promote customer service and support
    • Advise on pricing, quality, delivery, demand, quantities and place aspects
    • The role or personnel involved in procurement and supply activity
    • The structure and objectives of the procurement and supply function.

    2.0  Understand team dynamics and their influence on procurement and supply 

    2.1  Describe the purpose and challenges of cross functional teams in procurement and supply 

    • Identifying behaviours to further the aims of procurement and supply
    • Developing positive relationships with team members and other cross functional stakeholders

    2.2  Explain the contribution and challenges of team working 

    • Identifying barriers to team working
    • Actions to overcome resistance and conflict within teams
    • Developing positive relationships with team members

    3.0  Understand the challenges associated with, and methods to achieve organisational change 

    3.1  Describe the types of organisational change 

    • Evolution
    • Adaption
    • Revolution
    • Reconstruction
    • Closed, contained and open-ended change

    3.2  Describe triggers for change 

    • Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PEST) factors
    • Internal triggers
    • Future trends and innovation

    3.3  Explain organisational responses to change 

    • Environmental turbulence
    • Resistance to change
    • Cynicism and scepticism
    • The challenge of maintaining change
    • The change cycle – loss, doubt, discomfort, discovery, understanding, integration

    3.4  Identify and explain methods to achieve change 

    • Clarify goals
    • Refine methods and procedures
    • Empowerment and ownership
    • Incremental adjustment
    • Collaborate, communicate, direct and coerce

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