Understand your role as a training provider and CIPS role as EPAO.

The current procurement and supply chain standards requires a CIPS approved learning provider to deliver the Level 3 Advanced Certificate and Level 4 Diploma qualifications.  Both are a mandatory requirement in each apprenticeship gateway to EPA so will require collaborative working for some providers. 

We work with many education partners all approved to deliver CIPS qualifications, as the training provider you are required to:

  • Design a programme of learning that is relevant to the standard.
  • Be prepared to work closely with employers to deliver learning programmes.
  • Spend time with the apprentice to ensure they meet the minimum entry requirements, be prepared to provide them with feedback. 
  • Register your learners as Student Members of CIPS when the CIPS qualification is a mandatory part of the apprenticeship gateway to EPA. Talk to us if your apprentice is U18. 
  • Work closely with employers to review an apprentice's progress. 
  • Contract with CIPS EPAO as an approved training provider for the procurement and supply apprenticeships.  


Registering with CIPS as your End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)

Ultimately the responsibility of appointment of the EPAO is with the employer, however they are likely to ask for guidance from the chosen approved training provider. Email our Professional Licensing Team: epa@cips.org for more details about contracting with us for your EPA.



Registering to become a CIPS approved learning provider

If you are not already a CIPS approved partner you may want to consider joining our growing network of learning providers offering CIPS qualifications. You can take an initial ‘Healthcheck’ to check your readiness to apply. There is a dedicated Learning Partnerships Team there to help you get started on your journey.

Learning providers who partner with the CIPS, are given Affiliate Membership and access to learning resources and teaching materials.


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