End Point Assessment

Our End Point Assessment Services

End Point Assessment (EPA) is designed to measure knowledge, skills and behaviours to grade an Apprentices performance against the standard. The EPA for each standard must be impartial and it can only be carried out by an approved EPAO.

You can partner with CIPS who are an approved End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO)  for the  Level 4 Commercial Procurement and Supply Apprenticeship Standard (ST0313) and the Level 3 Procurement and Supply Assistant (ST0810)

Our 4 Step EPA Journey 

CIPS EPA process is easy to follow with guidance for each Standard that support you at every step on the journey.

We have created an easy to follow EPA process for training providers, employers and apprentices.

4 Steps to EPA Success:


Step 1

Gathering your evidence


Step 2



Step 3

The Assessments


Step 4

Outcome and Certification



Step 1 Gathering your evidence - You will be expected to provide the Gateway evidence listed below, we also recommend that you check and confirm this evidence as far in advance of the EPA as possible:

  • GCSE/Key skills qualification – level differs between standards.
  • Completed (and passed) mandated CIPS qualification – level differs between standards.
  • Project Title and Scope Agreement for work-based project.
  • Portfolio of evidence - differs between standard.

Step 2 Gateway - You must follow each apprenticeship standard - assessment plan. All training providers, employers and apprentices must fully understand their roles and responsibilities at each stage of the process. Before EPA can start employers and training providers must work together with their apprentice to ensure all Gateway requirements can be met and evidenced. Details for these requirements are in the Apprenticeship standard  pages. It is at this stage you will be expected to submit your gateway evidence to the EPAO for approval

Step 3 The Assessment - Each EPA will contain different types of assessment depending on the standard. However, Apprentices can expect some sort of written assessment submission, in the form of a work-based project report. The topic of the report should be agreed in advance of the EPA between the Apprentice and their Employer and guided by their Training pProvider.

  • The Employers are required to formally sign off the Project Title and Scope at Gateway.
  • The EPA will also likely contain a face-to-face assessment, between the Apprentice and a CIPS Independent Assessor (IA). This may include a presentation and/or an interview, the type of assessment differs between standards.
  • It is an opportunity for the apprentice to showcase the knowledge, skills and behaviour they have developed during their apprenticeship.

Step 4 Outcome and certification - when the EPA is complete, we will submit a recommended grade to the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) who will send out the final certificate.


Here to support you

It’s important to start with the end in mind as a training provider and employer so that you can fully support your apprentice. Our team of professional advisors are on hand to guide and provide direction as you prepare for the EPA.

EPA Toolkits:

When you contract with us as your EPAO, we will give you guidance materials and resources so that you can easily navigate your way through the assessment journey.  From registering your apprentices, entering the gateway process through to final assessment and certification we are with you at every step.

Choose your next step:

  • As a registered training provider already contracted with us, start to enrol your apprentices on the ACE360 platform:
  • VISIT ACE360
  • If you are a registered training provider and would like to contract with us for your EPAO email: epa@cips.org 
  • Not yet a registered training provider? You can register online to become a training provider here.

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