Choose a study style that suits you

Are you a self-studier or do you prefer tuition? 

A self-study learner is self- driven, prefers to learn independently because they can grasp new things fast and have a great attention to detail. If these are not your strong points then you should consider the benefits of learning with CIPS approved tutors.



We've highlighted some key differences that you can expect in the different learning styles.


Approved tuition provides

  • No tuition fees
  • Choose when want to study
  • Your choice of learning resources
  • You will learn the whole syllabus at a set pace
  • Learn in a classroom environment
  • Get direct feedback from tutors and peers
  • Additional support and networking groups

Things to know if you study on your own:

  • Make sure you learn the whole syllabus to avoid gaps in your learning
  • Make sure you can test your learning, the study guides and eLearning are great for this
  • No tutor or networking groups to check your understanding

Make sure you research the best way to study for you.

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