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More companies now request MCIPS as an essential when recruiting procurement professionals. 95% of vacancies in the public sector and over 70% in the private sector ask for candidates with, or working towards MCIPS (Hays Recruitment).

Our centres say:

"As a recognised Study Centre for the delivery of the CIPS Qualifications you will receive guidance and support from CIPS which will help you grow your business. There is a wealth of information available on their website, with a dedicated site for study centres and twice yearly conferences where you can meet the CIPS team and other providers and share best practice and advice.

The CIPS Qualification is very much in demand and with their help and support you will be able to build a successful study centre." Angele Cauthery, London Metropolitan University

Find out if you meet the requirements to become a CIPS study centre by completing our healthcheck:

    Stage 1: Discover the Benefits

    Why become a CIPS study centre?

    • Open up exciting careers in procurement students may not previously have considered
    • High employability prospects for your leavers
    • Variety of jobs in procurement and supply every industry in every country
    • Access additional revenue by offering study routes for our foundation qualifications
    • CIPS makes it easy for you to offer new courses and offer careers advice.


    What support will you get?

    • Comprehensive teaching resources and learning materials
    • Access to online knowledge resources
    • Help and support to getting started as a CIPS Study Centre
    • Co-branded marketing material to promote courses - CIPS Brand Guidelines
    • Sourcing of qualified practitioners to support your delivery of CIPS qualifications
    • Free CIPS membership for your centre's main point of contact
    • Online assessment
    • Elearning resources.


    Why offer CIPS Qualifications?

    • In demand, in every industry, in every country
    • Offer CIPS qualifications to reflect your centre's expertise and USP.
    • Globally recognised - awarded by the world’s leading voice of the
    • procurement and supply profession
    • Relevant - designed and continually updated to meet employers’ needs
    • Enhance personal effectiveness
    • Build skills transferrable to virtually every situation.


    What our centres say:

    We became an approved CIPS study centre in September 2014.  With the help of the dedicated CIPS team, the process to get there was relatively simple.  The CIPS team have welcomed us to their HO in Lincs, visited us here in Oxford, helping us progress along the way.  With the number of our students growing weekly, we are aiming to become a 3* Centre in September 2015 and know the CIPS team will be there to guide us along.

    Sue Reef, Oxford College of Procurement and Supply


    Starting off as a CIPS Approved Centre was quite daunting for us, we were not sure what to expect and how we would compete with more experienced long standing CIPS centres- it took us some time to understand the opportunities and risks.

    We decided that learning by doing, sharing best practice and developing a close working relationship with CIPS was the only way to ensure long term success. We paid a visit to CIPS, made some good contacts, listened, watched, designed a new website, recruited the right people and with CIPS superb support have slowly grown into the successful Centre of Excellence we are today.

    We have found the support from the CIPS team across all disciplines integral to our success. Nothing is viewed as low priority, CIPS are responsive and encouraging, we have tapped in to their experience and knowledge and in turn we have now developed a highly successful programme with 7 Centres of Excellence and 6 examination centres. Our partnership with CIPS is strong, open and transparent and I would encourage anyone looking to work with CIPS to do so.”

    Christine Lambe, Training & Commercial Director, Chamber Business Training

    Stage 2: Find out what you can offer

    CIPS Qualifications

    Level Title
    Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations
    Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations
    Diploma in Procurement and Supply
    Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply
    Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply


    Visit our BTEC page to find out more

    BTEC Firsts CIPS Endorsed Units
    Audience: 16 – 19
    There are two optional specialist procurement units as part of the BTEC First Diploma in Business 2013. On completion of both units 28 & 29, CIPS will award students a Certificate in procurement and supply operations. Visit our BTEC page to find out more

    Procurement Apprenticeships (UK - England only)
    Typical age ranges for apprentices are age 18+ Apprenticeships can be delivered by a variety of different education / training organisations. Details regarding the procurement apprenticeship programme is now available. 

    Stage 3: Take healthcheck

    Applicant study centres need to go through a process of study centre 'Approval'. Prospective learners and their employers can be confident that 'Approved' study centres offer high-quality provision that has met CIPS' exacting standards. 

    ALL approved CIPS study centres will be responsible for processing their students’ exam enrolments by using the CIPS Group Assessment Entry system. The CIPS Group Assessment Entry system ensures that your students have the very best support and experience with your study centre. The system is easy to use and gives you control over the assessment registration process of your students and helps support the monitoring of your student achievement and progression. It also confirms to CIPS which students are registered to study at each of our centres, which will allow us to enhance the quality of data available for our study centres.


    In order to verify whether you meet the requirements to become a CIPS approved study centre please complete the initial healthcheck to start the application process.

    Stage 4: Apply

    When your healthcheck has been submitted you will receive feedback from the Education Network Team. If you progress to the application stage, you should complete the form and return it to us, along with evidence to show that you meet our criteria, such as details of your teaching staff, your facilities and resources as well as the standard of learner support you provide. View the CIPS criteria for study centre approval.

    Once you have gathered all the information we need, email the completed application and all the supporting evidence to the CIPS Education Network Team:

    The 'Approval' process can take several weeks to complete, as we need to check the evidence you have sent, and we may need to come back to you for more information. With this in mind you are advised to begin your application well before the date when you expect to start delivering CIPS programmes.

    Post approval

    Once you have joined the CIPS study centre network we continue to monitor standards on a regular basis. We ask you to complete an Annual Monitoring Report in which you self-assess your centre's performance over the last year, and tell us how you continue to meet the study centre criteria. We look at your examination and assessment results, and we check on feedback from learners including complaints.

    We monitor our study centres annually, which allows us to assess your suitability for continued approval, or for upgrading to a higher category. Once your study centre has been approved for two years, and if you can meet additional higher-level criteria, you can apply to become a CIPS Centre of Merit; meeting even higher standards allows you to be recognised as a CIPS Centre of Excellence.

    Becoming a CIPS approved examination centre

    CIPS provides a network of exam centres principally for self-study learners, but ‘Approved’ study centres are expected to provide exam facilities for their own candidates on receiving approval, after which they may be charged for any learners who continue to use CIPS exam centres or facilities offered via other providers.

    There is a separate application process for becoming a CIPS approved examination centre. Find out more.

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