Exam Centres

CIPS exams are held at our approved exam centres and these can be in a study centre, or a CIPS regional exam centre venue. Types of venues vary from country to country and are available all over the world, all you need is a suitable environment, an invigilator and approval from CIPS.


    The Awarding Body is committed to offering high standard assessment facilities for candidates globally ensuring candidates have access to appropriate venues.  

    Principles for exam centre approval
    • Adherence to CIPS regulations and guidance paying particular attention to the security of the assessments
    • Accommodation of reasonable adjustments
      • Where a candidate is registered with an approved study centre, the study centre is responsible for any reasonable adjustments in order to provide assessment opportunities to that candidate.  
      • Where a candidate is not registered with a study centre, CIPS is responsible for facilitating the assessment, where it is feasible and reasonable and maintains the integrity of the exam.
    • Recruitment of suitably trained invigilators with no conflict of interest
    • Access to appropriate technical support and equipment that meets the minimum technical specification 
    • Suitable exam rooms which adhere to CIPS regulations
    Exam centre provision

    The approval of exam centres is separate from the approval of a study centre; these centres are not automatically approved as exam centres.

    Study centres approved as exam centres:   Approved study centres (this includes approved satellite locations) are expected, where applicable, to apply for computer-based exam (CBE) centre approval.

    CIPS computer-based exam (CBE) centres:  The Awarding Body is responsible for ensuring that adequate arrangements are in place for the provision of exam opportunities, where it is reasonable and feasible, for all candidates who are not registered with an approved study centre; this is delivered through a number of CIPS CBE centres across the UK.   There is an additional fee for candidates to pay when using a CIPS CBE centre for their exams.

    Paper based exam (PBE) centres (Tier 2 and 3 Countries only): there is current provision made up of CIPS PBE centres to ensure all constructed response modules can be completed via a paper-based exam.

    View CIPS guidance on exam invigilation.

    Simply complete the application form and upload to the Sharefile system.

    Current centres

    Use our exam centre finder tool to find your nearest exam centre.

    Exam schedule

    View CIPS exam schedule and timetables.

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