Exam Formats

In 2017, we surveyed our global student community and asked what would make our exams more accessible and engaging for them – computer-based exams was the request from 90% of you.

In March 2019, our Level 2 Certificate and Level 3 Advanced Certificate students will be the first to sit the new computer-based exams.

Exams will now be either:

  • Objective response (OR) – these are computer-based, which allow you to select a response from a list of possible answers. 
  • Constructed response (CR) – these exams require a longer, essay-type response to questions. Depending on where you live, you may be able to take these as computer-based exams, however in some areas, they will continue to be paper-based.

To find out which exam formats are available for Level 2 Certificate and Level 3 Advanced Certificate for your next exam and where you can sit them, use our Study and Exam Centre finder. More information will be available about the diploma level exams at the end of January 2019.

Find out more about how computer based exams will work in this short video:

The great news is that your exam results for OR exams now take only four weeks to arrive, and for CR, eight weeks. Your responses are more secure, with robust marking by our global panel of examiners. You’ll also get better feedback, helping you to improve your next exam performance.

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