Executive Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Although not a formal qualification, the Executive Diploma (ExDip) is a CIPS accredited learning programme for those aspiring to the highest pinnacle of this profession.

A professional with the Executive Diploma (ExDip) and Chartered Status is likely to be in a procurement leadership role. They will have board level influence and deliver innovative sourcing solutions across a diverse range of markets. ExDip offers a higher professional standard than MCIPS or FCIPS Chartered Professionals. Those with ExDip will have demonstrated excellence through a programme of learning or through experience to postgraduate degree level.  

Professionals who hold this status will be seen as those who will take the profession beyond its current boundaries into a strategic, business-leading future.

    Entry requirements

    There are three routes to achieving the Executive Diploma:

    • Academic route
      For those who have successfully completed one of the CIPS accredited MBAs
    • Applied learning route
      For those who have successfully completed a CIPS Master Practitioner programme
    • Experiential route
      For those who can evidence experience to post graduate degree level

    You must currently hold MCIPS or FCIPS Chartered Status to apply for any of these routes.

    Once you have achieved ExDip, you will be required to demonstrate that you have kept your knowledge up-to-date and relevant by maintaining your Chartered Professional Status.

    Academic route

    We currently have two accredited specialist MBA programmes listed below. The content within each programme has been analysed and aligned to the Advanced Professional competency level in the CIPS Global Standard in Procurement and Supply.

    We recommend that you apply for the Executive Diploma (ExDip) once you have completed your MBA programme as a copy of your certificate and transcript will be required at the first stage of the application process.

    Minimum entry criteria for the academic route is:

    • Must be current MCIPS or FCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional
    • Must provide certificate of CIPS accredited MBA programme and transcript
    There are 3 stages leading to the award of the Executive Diploma via the Academic Route:
    1. Application
    2. Assessment
           Part 1: The Statement of Ethical Intent
           Part 2: The CIPS Interview Assessment
    3. Outcome

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    Programmes available:

    Universirty of Northampton

    University of Northampton

    The University of Northampton Masters in Business Administration with CIPS accreditation as a route to achieving ExDip. This is a distance learning programme and can be undertaken anywhere in the world.  It normally runs twice each year with cohorts starting in September and February and it’s expected to take 12 – 18 months to complete.

    Distance Learning programme

    Full entry criteria, the programme of study and cost details can be found here.


    AUTAuckland University of Technology, New Zealand

    Auckland University of Technology offers a Masters in Business Administration that is now CIPS accredited, as a route to achieving ExDip. The MBA is offered as both a full-time and part-time programme, and is designed to give students maximum flexibility by enabling them to choose the number of papers taken in any given term providing the qualification is completed within four years.

    Full entry criteria, the programme of study and cost details can be found here.

    Applied Learning Route

    Master Practitioner Programme

    The Master Practitioner Programme, accredited by CIPS, is equivalent to a Postgraduate Diploma. As the newest level within our highly successful Corporate Award applied learning programme, it offers a route to reach the Executive Diploma (ExDip).

    The Corporate Award Master Practitioner Programme provides a powerful learning experience which develops and creates procurement and supply chain leaders of the future with the workshops, assignments and final dissertation all focussed on helping your organisation address real challenges, drive business improvements and deliver return on investment. It is a unique, executive-style programme which examines relevant and current business good practice and thinking, explores the personal skills and behaviours organisations require of senior procurement practitioners and is supported by strong, Masters-level academic theories.

    The minimum criteria for a Corporate Award Master Practitioner Programme:

    • Must be MCIPS or FCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional

    Programmes can be run for organisations which have 12 or more participants or, subject to the level of interest we receive, we can bring participants together from multiple organisations to run a syndicated Master Practitioner Programme.

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    Experiential Route

    There are 5 stages leading to the award of the Executive Diploma via the Experiential Route:

    1. Application
    2. Online competency assessment
    3. Completion of personal statements including a statement of ethical intent
    4. VIVA interview assessment
    5. Outcome

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