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Our new learning resources have been created to give you every chance of success in your exams. We understand that everyone learns in different ways so we've completely redesigned our resources to support your study. 

Before you start your studies you must first read the syllabus.  CIPS exam questions are created to test your knowledge of the learning outcomes in the syllabus.  Use it as a checklist to make sure you know and understand each one before your exam. .

Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

    Study Resources

    Introducing our brand new Study Guides, eBooks and eLearning, each aligned to our syllabus learning outcomes in a fresh, easy to read format:

    Study Guide - Text Book
    Your text book will give you the foundation of each module.



    Rich, interactive multimedia content that enhances your learning and tests your knowledge.



    Study Guide - eBook
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    Recommended Reading:

    Other Suggested Reading:

    L3M1, 2, 3, 4 - The Buyers Toolkit - O'Brien
    • L3M1,  L3M2,  L3M3,  L3M4 - The Buyers Toolkit - O'Brien
    • L3M5 &  L3M6 - Supply Chain Ethics - Manners-Bell
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    Sample Questions

    Check out the format and style of questions that you will encounter in exams:

    These sample questions give you an example of the level of questioning and types of questions.

    All Objective Response exam questions for Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma are worth 1 mark each.

    You will also find questions in the Study Guides, eBooks and eLearning for you to work through and self-assess as you prepare for your exam.

    CIPS Knowledge

    Select a module to see related white papers and resources for each learning outcome:

    CIPS Knowledge a freely available member only resource designed to support you as you study for each exam.  

    L3M1 | L3M2 | L3M3 | L3M4 | L3M5 | L3M6

    Procurement and Supply Environments (L3M1)

    1.0 Know the different sectors of procurement and supply

    2.0 Understand types of pricing arrangements in commercial agreements

    3.0 Know the external environment and its impact on procurement and supply

    4.0 Understand procedures that regulate procurement and supply

    Ethical Procurement and Supply (L3M2)

    1.0 Know techniques that can achieve added value and its contribution to organisational success

    2.0 Know tasks associated with each stage of the sourcing process

    3.0 Understand the significance of ethics for procurement and supply

    4.0 Understand how operational performance of the procurement and supply function can be measured and improved

    Contract Administration (L3M3)

    1.0 Know the administrative content and key tasks associated with commercial contracts

    2.0 Understand how to achieve competitive pricing and the role of negotiation in procurement and supply

    3.0 Know how effective tendering is achieved

    4.0 Understand how to measure contract performance

    Team Dynamics and Change (L3M4)

    1.0 Know how the individual can support overall organisational success in procurement and supply

    2.0 Understand team dynamics and their influence on procurement and supply

    3.0 Understand the challenges associated with, and methods to achieve organisational change

    Socially Responsible Procurement (L3M5)

    1.0 Understand the concepts of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    2.0 Understand the environmental impact of procurement and supply

    3.0 Know the implications of CSR for the procurement and supply function

    4.0 Understand methods to monitor Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in procurement and supply

    Socially Responsible Warehousing and Distribution (L3M6)

    1.0 Understand the concepts of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    2.0 Understand the environmental impact of procurement and supply

    3.0 Understand methods for the storage and movement of inventory

    4.0 Understand the environmental impact of warehousing and distribution

    Exam Guides

    Watch this short video to see how to use the computer-based exams platform for CIPS Constructed Response (CR) exams. It also includes guidance on the different types of command words found in the questions and how you should tailor your answers to what the examiner is looking for.



    Our guides will help you to prepare for any of the exam formats that you’re likely to encounter.

    Improve your exam techniques

    Learn how to improve your exam techniques for Constructed Response (CR) exams.  The way that you structure your answer can mean the difference between pass or fail.  Take at look through the following guides to improve your exam technique.

    Download your computer-based exams CR exams techniques guide 


    Our paper-based CR exams (PBEs) are only available in specific countries. To find out if we hold PBEs in your country go to our online exam finder. 

    Download your paper-based constructed response exams techniques guide.




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    You may want to consider getting further support with a CIPS approved study centre and access structured, tutor-led learning to be certain that you have thoroughly covered the whole syllabus ahead of your exam.

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