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Before you start your studies it's important to read the syllabus.  CIPS exam questions are created to test your knowledge of the learning outcomes in the syllabus.  Use it as a checklist to make sure you know and understand each one before your exam. 

CIPS Level 5 Diploma in Procurement and Supply

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    Sample Question and Answers

    Sample questions for objective response exams You will be presented with different types of objective response (OR) questions worth different marks. Some will be worth 8 marks, this will be highlighted on your exam. All other questions are worth 1 mark each. See the different types of OR exam questions you can expect in the Exam Guides for Candidates.

    Sample questions for our constructed response (CR) exams

    Sample answer guidance for constructed response (CR) exams

    New sample questions will be available for L5M10 and L5M15 W/C 30th March

    You will also find questions in the Study Guides, eBooks and eLearning which will help you to self-assess as you prepare for your exam.

    Principal Marker (PM) Reports

    View exam feedback in the Principal Marker (PM) reports for L5M1 and L5M4 exams.

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    Use it as part of your preparation for future examinations, or review your performance in an exam you've taken.

    Results Statistics

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    Exam Guides

    Watch this short video to see how to use the computer-based exams platform for CIPS Constructed Response (CR) exams. It also includes guidance on the different types of command words found in the questions and how you should tailor your answers to what the examiner is looking for.



    Our guides will help you to prepare for any of the exam formats that you’re likely to encounter.

    Improve your exam techniques

    Learn how to improve your exam techniques for Constructed Response (CR) exams.  The way that you structure your answer can mean the difference between pass or fail.  Take at look through the following guides to improve your exam technique.

    Download your computer-based exams CR exams techniques guide 


    Our paper-based CR exams (PBEs) are only available in specific countries. To find out if we hold PBEs in your country go to our online exam finder. 

    Download your paper-based constructed response exams techniques guide.




    Study Advice

    Other Study Advice and Exam Guidance

    • In the News - illustrate your exam answers with relevant examples from these highlighted international news stories.
    • Top Tips -to help you optimise your study time.
    • Networking - get in touch with your local branch and social media networks to get peer support. 

    CIPS Knowledge

    Access CIPS Knowledge a free member only resource designed to support you as you study for each exam.

    Select a module to see related white papers and resources for each learning outcome:

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    Managing Teams and Individuals (L5M1)

    1.0  Understand, analyse and apply  management and organisational approaches

    2.0 Understand and apply approaches to managing individuals involved in the procurement and supply function

    3.0  Understand and apply approaches to managing work groups or teams involved in the procurement and supply function

    4.0  Understand and apply planning approaches for  aspects of human resource management for the procurement and supply function

    5.0  Understand the application of the individual capabilities required to manage the procurement and supply function

    Managing Supply Chain Risk (L5M2)

    1.0  Understand the nature of risk affecting supply chains

    2.0  Understand processes in managing risk in supply chains

    3.0  Understand risk mitigation strategies in supply chains

    Managing Contractual Risk (L5M3)

    1.0  Understand the legal and process issues relating to the formation of contracts

    2.0  Understand the impacts of breach of contract and coping strategies and provisions that are available

    3.0  Understand the legal implications of contractual non-conformance in procurement and supply

    Advanced Contract and Financial Management (L5M4)

    1.0  Understand and apply tools and techniques that can be used to measure and develop contract performance in procurement and supply

    2.0  Understand and apply the concept of strategic sourcing

    3.0  Understand and apply financial techniques that affect supply chains

    4.0  Analyse and apply financial and performance measure that can affect the supply chain

    Managing Ethical Procurement and Supply (L5M5)

    1.0  Understand the impact of ethics and sustainability in supply chains

    2.0  Understand the importance of compliance with standards to achieve ethical and sustainable supply chains

    3.0  Understand initiatives and standards to improve ethical and sustainable practices in procurement and supply

    Category Management (L5M6)

    1.0  Understand approaches that can be used to develop category management strategies

    2.0  Understand the concepts, tools and techniques associated with managing expenditure

    3.0  Understand the strategic impact of a category management process

    Achieving Competitive Advantage through the Supply Chain (L5M7)

    1.0  Understand the dynamics of supply chains

    2.0  Understand improvement methodologies that can be used in supply chains

    3.0  Understand measures required to achieve competitive advantage in supply chains

    Project and Change Management (L5M8)

    1.0  Understand aspects of projects in organisations

    2.0  Understand the concept of organisational change and how it can be achieved

    3.0  Understand approaches to the planning and management of projects and change initiatives

    Operations Management (L5M9)

    1.0  Understand the concept and scope of operations management

    2.0  Understand improvement methodologies that can be applied in operations management

    Logistics Management (L5M10)

    1.0  Understand the concept of logistics management

    2.0  Understand capacity planning and control in logistics management

    Advanced Negotiation (L5M15)

    1.0  Understand the key stages which impact on the negotiation process and outcomes

    2.0  Understand negotiation relationships and ethics

    3.0  Understand methods and behavioural factors which can influence others

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