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On completion of this qualification you will come away with a clear knowledge and understanding of facts, procedures and processes related to procurement and supply. You will be able to effectively interpret information and ideas, and learn how to identify, gather and use relevant information.

Five CORE modules make up the required 18 credits

  What are credits?
Each module is given a credit value of 3 or 6 credits. You are required to complete 18 credits to achieve this qualification.
CIPS Level 2 Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations

    Exam criteria

    Learning outcomes, exam criteria and indicative content

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    Introducing Procurement and Supply [L2M1]Procurement and Supply Operations [L2M2]StakeholderRelationships [L2M3]SystemsTechnology [L2M4]Inventory, Logistics and Expediting [L2M5]

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    Each module has a study guides available in hard copy and as an eBook (available from March 2019).

    Available from February 2019, CIPS eLearning acts as an additional learning resource alongside the study guide. View sample eLearning.

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    L2M1 | L2M2 | L2M3 | L2M4 | L2M5

    Introducing Procurement and Supply (L2M1)

    1.0  Understand the role of procurement and supply within organisations 

    2.0  Understand the organisational impact of procurement and supply 

    3.0  Know how products and services are received from suppliers and delivered to customers

    4.0  Know the stages of the sourcing process 

    5.0  Understand the need for the effective and efficient administration of purchases made with external suppliers 

    6.0  Know the importance of ethics and responsible procurement in organisations and supply chains

    Procurement and Supply Operations (L2M2)

    1.0  Know the types of organisations and how they operate

    2.0  Know the components of contractual agreements

    3.0  Understand sources of information on suppliers and customers 

    4.0  Understand pricing methods used for the purchasing of goods or services

    Stakeholder Relationships (L2M3)

    1.0  Know the stakeholders in procurement and supply

    2.0  Know the key market factors that impact on a procurement and supply function

    3.0  Understand the techniques associated with successful and effective communication in procurement and supply

    4.0  Know approaches for conflict resolution with stakeholders in procurement and supply

    Systems Technology (L2M4)

    1.0  Understand the use of systems technology and databases and how they contribute to procurement and supply

    2.0  Know types of systems for supplier selection, ordering and payment

    3.0  Know why quality management is important in procurement and supply

    Inventory, Logistics and Expediting (L2M5)

    1.0  Know the key elements of effective inventory control

    2.0  Understand the principles and processes associated with effective logistics control

    3.0  Know how effective expediting can be achieved in procurement and supply

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